REMS Assembly Builder


REMS Assembly Builder brings your plans and estimates to life!

REMS Assembly Builder allows many options:


Assembly Types

This allows you to pick a general assembly, circuit breaker assembly, circuit panel assembly and Sub panel assembly. These options will allow your design to know if this is a general item or a circuit style assembly. Circuit and panel assemblies will generate information for Panel Schedule builder to design the perfect panel schedule for 1 or multiple panels.


REMS Assembly Builder Descriptions

REMS allows for symbols to be used multiple times with different criteria. Assembly description identifies the specific info dealing with the opening.



Categories allow you to assign you each assembly to a certain category. This allows you to maneuver through editor into smaller lists of assemblies when designing. Category titles can be added and edited.



Description will allow you to put a specific text dealing with your assembly for estimates and invoices. Detailed descriptions allow customers to know exactly what is included.


Symbol Library

REMS Assembly Builder allows you to assign an electrical symbol from our library of over 500 symbols. With this many choices you can design a beautiful visual estimate for your customers and electricians.


Hot Key Assignment

Hot Keys are able to be assigned so when designing your most common items can activate items on to the plan quickly.


Legend Descriptions

Legend description allows for a simple description that can be used for your customer to see on the Legend Page.


Adding inventory to your assembly

REMS Assembly Builder allows you to add or delete inventory items from multiple vendors into your assembly. This will allow you to send your pick list materials with up to date pricing out to your vendors after your design has been created. No more using generic items. REMS tracks your specific material for easy ordering and accurate profit tracking.


Copy Feature

REMS allow you to make a copy and disable of old assembly. This allows you to keep the old info on plans and the new information be used going forward. The guarantees estimates and materials will not be affected on work already estimated.


Updated Inventory Pricing

REMS will notify you when inventory items have changed pricing inside an Assembly. This will allow you to make the necessary changes to the assembly if needed. REMS provides you with the peace of mind and the ability to stay competitive.


Manage Categories and Assembly Orders

REMS give you the ability to organize the assemblies in order quickly to find in both the general categories and sub categories. This allows you design the plan as quickly as possible. Sub categories can be created and edited. REMS is designed to keep editors working quickly and organized.