REMS Plan Editor (Visual Electrical Estimating)


Imagine giving your customers a print that give you the competitive edge on every project. Too many times customers are faced with several estimates in written form. The end result is the customer looks at the last line on the estimate. Who is the cheapest? REMS shows the customers exactly what the written estimate includes forcing the customer to ask the question “How much am I getting?” Using Visual Electrical Estimating REMS will change the game to residential estimating forever.



Key Features



For years estimating has been based on performing takeoffs on a print after it has been designed. REMS takes an all in one approach. As you design REMS will include your symbol, pricing per opening and materials needed for a job.

Transparent Mode Assemblies

REMS allows you to do takeoffs on plans that already have electrical layouts. This allows you to still build accurate estimates, invoices and material lists. Transparent mode can be used in normal design mode for items that you may not want the customer to see on the plan but still want to be part of estimates.


Customer Changes Assemblies

REMS allows you to place options on the plan that will reflect changes that customers have made after the estimate. These items are reflected in red on the plan. Customer changes allow markups to be added for builders so they can reflect profits from the changes.


Override Assemblies

REMS allows you to make one time edits to assemblies if the conditions don’t meet your criteria. Additional materials and price changes can be made to ensure the most profit available without having to design a new assembly that may not be used again.


Ruler Option

REMS allows a ruler to be used to measure distances across any pdf to verify spacing. This allows the estimator to place the correct items when dealing with spacing. It also works great for a straight line to correctly line up lighting on the Pdf



REMS allows your company Logo to be placed on the Pdf to give that professional look and a great advertising tool to remind your customers that the choice is easy!



Many Pdfs come with a large amount of unnecessary items that can make it hard to effectively show your product. Overlays allows a white out option, Black out option and cross out option that can be placed on the plan to cover up items that you don’t want to see.



REMS allows dated notes with the author as a communication tool to allow the estimator and field techs to talk back and forth about items in the house. Notes can be left using the web version and the tablet.

REMS editor includes many more options that will help you design your plan effectively.
This is what you have been waiting for!