REMS Reports

General and Detailed Pick List Reports

REMS residential electrical estimating software allows you to pull accurate pick lists from multiple vendors for multiple items. Rough in stage and Trim stage can be picked to split materials up for delivery in different stages. No more wasting time making multiple trips to finish a job. Material counts become so accurate that waste is minimal.


General and Detailed Estimate Reports

REMS allows you to design your perfect estimate. Once you have created your design it automatically creates a detailed estimate for your customers to know exactly what was created including a description of assemblies, quantities, rates of assemblies and total amounts. These professional estimates give you a clean professional look with a simple click of a mouse. REMS will also archive each time you run a new report so you can look back on older estimates on the same job. Estimating was never so easy!


General and Detailed Invoice Reports

REMS not only allows estimates but it allows your final invoice to be issued from the same information including a breakdown of changes made by the customer. With one click you can issue your invoice to the customer that includes assembly descriptions, quantities rates of assembles and total amounts. REMS allows for invoice archiving and allows customized messages to be added to the invoice. No more typing your information into an invoice. REMS produces a professional and detailed invoice that gives your company a step above the competition.


Customer Change Order and Customer Change Order to Builder

REMS allows you to show the items that your customers have changed. This report shows each item and it shows the price markups that the builder has established. This report can be given directly to the home owner for approval before the work begins. The report also send the link of the plan so the home owner can see the items added to the plan in red. This gives the home owners a clear idea of exactly what was changed. Customer change order to builder gives the builder a report on what items were added the breakdown of the profits earned along with the signature that was provided at the walkthrough using the tablet. REMS takes all the headache out of customer walkthroughs for the builders and keep your company moving quickly so that work can continue.