REMS Tablet allows users to access different builders and projects that have been assigned. REMS keep information in an organized form easy for users to access for editing and reports.


REMS gives you the ability to access and share information with estimators and other field managers. With such items as status changes and project history there is a constant real time communication of the project at all times. Project are assigned to particular field managers and can be passed back and forth to other estimators or other field managers. REMS only allows one person at a time to edit a plan to assure that information is current and no being replicated at the same time.

REMS Tablet Plan editor

REMS Tablet allows you make changes to plans in normal estimating mode, customer changes and transparent mode. Tablet will allow notes be left and read to give specific information to be shared between all people involved. REMS tablet guarantees accuracy throughout the project that will guarantee the correct openings are being billed and keeping materials accurate.


REMS Tablet Estimate and Builder Change Report

Tablet allows field managers to generate current estimates and Change reports to review with builders and customers to allow for any questions.


Customer Change Order

Changes are allowed to be made in editor in a customer walkthrough. After complete customers can review their changes with builder markups already included. Signature of the customer can be taken to allow the project to begin after the customer has approved the changes. This keeps the project in real time without delays waiting for answers. REMS allows both the builder copy and customer copy to be emailed on site to each party as record of transaction. No more confusing change order forms, REMS will give you the edge you and your builders need for accurate changes.


REMS Panel Schedule Editor

REMS allows estimators to place all the neccessay circuits that are involved on the project. Tablet Panel editor will allow you to edit the labels and place them in the order they are installed in the panel. This allows you to produce an accurate panel schedule that can be printed later or printed onsite if you have a mobile printer. REMS produces a professional label that includes your company information that will put you a step ahead of your competition.