June 2016 News

Good news for TAW Concepts! Official provisional patent numbers have been issued dealing with the technology of REMS. This will allow more information to be shared when dealing with its abilities.

United States Provisional Patent Application No. 62/343,934
Inventor: Zachary Bolin
Our File No.: 22372.001

Have plans that have already been designed? REMS allows you to use highlight mode that will allow you to take a takeoff on items that are on a print. This allows you to get the correct count for estimate and material count!


Got a nice compliment from a builder today about REMS! The difference that it is making for builders and customers is paying off.

“FYI… this is FANTASTIC! This helps SOOOO much w/ our clients we appreciate how quickly you got this to us. Thank you! Is this the new thing you designed? We love the ipad on site for the walk through w/ the plan loaded and what was bid. It’s great. Thanks.”

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