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What to Look for In An Electrical Estimating App

Contractors have more than $40 billion in excess costs every year. Industry professionals know exactly how challenging it can be to move from solid estimating to a finished project.

But the best electrical estimating apps can change all that. With the outlook reporting a 10 percent improvement in nonresidential, and a 4 percent rise in residential construction, there’s no better time to get estimating right.

In order to deploy your team, keep customers happy, and catch all the costs for a single job, you need the right tools.

Look for these capabilities in your electrical estimating app before you invest:

1. Cutting Edge Design Features

Competing in electrical contracting means more than providing a materials and labor estimate to your clients. In order for field technicians to provide estimates, they need to back them up with a realistic design.

You want an estimating software solution that includes a bowline feature. Your estimates will then include prints that look like an engineer created them.

Plus, you’ll save time and take the guesswork out of estimates. You’ll also have the plans on hand already if they need to be submitted.

2. Different Levels of Access

Your executive team, field technicians, estimators, and back office personnel all need very different information sets from your software. There is no reason to make software less user-friendly by giving them access they don’t need.

Your technicians should be able to easily follow estimates when they begin a project. On the other hand, your operations managers should be able to see progress and start scheduling the next project.

Insight into time spent and profitability will help business owners and company executives with forecasting. Make sure everyone has the access they need.

3. A Panel Schedule Builder

Your information between design and estimate should all be included in your data. As a result, the best estimating software will also allow you to build a panel schedule and print it out for your customers.

Customized with your logo, this streamlines the process and adds value between the estimating and implementation phases.

4. Everything Quickbooks Needs

Your estimating software should be able to import data to QuickBooks in real-time. Everything from client information to time, materials, and markup should be readily available for invoicing.

Cutting down the barriers between the estimating and billing process is a necessity. With software that communicates with QuickBooks you can lower your account receivables and streamline invoicing.

The Best Electrical Estimating Apps

The best electrical estimating apps do more than just estimating. When you are investing in an app it is best to get the most value you can in a single solution.

That’s where REMS comes in. Our software is the first time design, pricing, estimates, and reporting features have been combined.

Plus, REMS is easy to use and every level of your organization can benefit.

Our visual electrician estimator software will help save your company time and money. By integrating all your needs in one place you can tie estimates to every aspect of job performance.

Your company will be more efficient with the electrical estimating app that can do it all.

Contact REMS today.

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