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5 of the Best Visual Electrical Estimator Software

To remain profitable, an electrical contractor must be able to create proper estimates.

Electrical estimator software assists with and improves accuracy for your prospective jobs. The best software will give a skilled estimator a tactical advantage over the competition.

Keep reading to discover 5 of the best electrical estimating software.

Stack Takeoff & Estimating

The Stack is a good choice if you are in the market for simple software that gets the job done. It includes takeoff features as well as features for quotes and estimates. The takeoff features include elevation checking, electrical plans, and slope routines. 

You can incorporate the use of photos from your phone to assist with drawing up plans. You will need to know the quirks of your trade to get the best from this program. 

A common criticism of Stack is that the software is only available online. This poses problems when going into an area with a weak internet connection. Also, the program may not be fully customizable if you want to rearrange sheets or tab colors.

Stack is moderately expensive software. Three different price structures offer a free demo, a plus level, and a pro level.

B2W Estimate

You might have heard of B2W by their former name BID2WIN. It is estimating software for heavy construction contractors. Its features help companies track vendors, documents, material and labor costs, and bids. 

B2W is best for large-scale operations and can have a bit of a tough learning curve.

This estimating software is among the more expensive lines.

Viewpoint Estimating

Viewpoint MEP Estimating Software is formerly known as Maxwell Estimation. Its takeoff and estimating features work for commercial and residential companies. It also works for HVAC and mechanical firms.

The software features regular updates for labor and materials costs for each industry.

This software is moderately priced and can have a bit of a learning curve to get it working for your company.

REMS Electrical Estimator Software/App

The Residential Estimating Management System is a software built by electricians for electricians. Its specialized features include tiered access to members, an app for all devices, and a profit calculator. Also, you can store pdf documents under projects on the web version and view them remotely on a tablet.

Its project management features help you bid quickly and accurately. You can also track the project status after award. The software includes video tutorials to get you using the software immediately. 

Because REMS is made by electricians, it is formulated specifically for them. Every need you have in your business has been anticipated in this software.

REMS is one of the more affordable software with 5 pricing plans. The first plan is a 60-day free trial. The other four options are for startup sized businesses to large-scale operations.


ServiceTitan is a full stack software that incorporates inventory and accounting capabilities. It is cloud-based software that allows integration with customers.

ServiceTitan is moderately priced and includes a free demo. A common issue is with syncing accounting software with a preferred version. Also it at times poses difficulty when creating reports.

Software for Success

Electrical estimator software is a tool to enhance your business. The best tool will help make your business seamless and profitable within months. To chose the best, consider your needs.

The size of your operation and the scope of your capabilities should greatly influence your decision.

Contact us to learn how to use software to make your business more profitable.

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