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How to Reduce Overhead with Visual Electrician Estimator Software

Costing up electrical work doesn’t just work your grey matter — it gives your wallet a workout too. Visual electrician estimator software helps you make the most of your bid, but it’ll also save you money on your overheads. 

If estimating for your electrical jobs is getting you in a tangle, we’ve got the perfect solution up our sleeve. Keep reading to find out how our electrical estimating software will help keep productivity up and your expenses down.

Reduce Time-Related Costs

Time is money, and even the most basic jobs can take four hours or more per sheet to calculate. The best electrical estimating software offers a helping hand by automating the process and setting out a uniform strategy for all future jobs.

When you save time putting together accurate quotes, you’ll be able to redirect your energy and efforts elsewhere. Now you can more easily grow your business and take on more bids, without long, long hours of estimates in your future.

Divide Large Projects into Smaller Jobs

Electrical work isn’t limited to, say, one room in a house. A rewiring job, for example, needs to take into account the many different rooms, circuits, and utilities needed within a residential or commercial building.

Electrical estimating software helps electricians break down a big project into smaller chunks. This means more accuracy for you and builds trust with the client as they’ll be able to understand just where their money’s going.

Accurately Predict Material Outlay

Once you’ve figured out the scale of a project, the next puzzle is working out the cost of your materials, tools, and components. It’s easy to underestimate how much of each component you’ll need or to lower prices to win a bid.

Don’t sell yourself short, or increase your costs toward the end of a job, cutting off any return business. An accurate and realistic prediction will provide customers with a reasonable quote, without you having to absorb any costs to keep them happy.

Teach a Man to Fish…

As your business grows, you’ll need to train up your electricians to price up jobs for the business. Training up an electrician on our visual electrician estimator software is a straightforward process, and is another way to save you time on estimates.

Once your estimate department learns the ropes, they’ll be able to accurately predict job costs and material outlay, without needing constant assistance. With our visual electrician estimator app, they can get to work, freeing you up to scout out more business.

Win With Visual Electrician Estimator Software

R.E.M.S visual electrician estimator software will help save you time, create more detailed quotes, and build customer trust. And by training up your electricians to use our software, you can be sure they’ll be able to estimate with accuracy every time.

Designed by electricians for electricians, we’ve got your back when it comes to costing up jobs and keeping your overheads down. Our visual electrician estimator app is going to work wonders for your business. Sign up for your free trial and see how much you could save.

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