How we must change residential electrical estimating

As a residential estimator I found myself perplexed. Why with all the different types of software is there nothing that was based around residential electrical estimating? Sure, there are many electrical estimating software that allow takeoff and estimates, but why is there nothing that will allow you to design and estimate? I found myself using several different types of programs just to complete one job. Over the years I have learned that if you want to be successful in the competitive residential market you have to be very efficient for not only your electricians but for your customers. This is how I came up with REMS. I wanted to take everything and combine it into one easy to use software. REMS is for the electrician by the electrician. First, we developed an easy to use design editor that would allow you to simply upload PDF pages. I consider myself somewhat savvy with computers and never felt comfortable using programs like Cad. If was far more advanced than what I was looking to do. I wanted my estimators to be able to design using the same PDF that were sent from home owners and builders. Once we established the PDF importing we designed the design editor that works as fast as drawing out your plans. With a simple click you can toggle on a device with specific properties and away you go! The design process became so easy that we could push through many plans a day. The next step was to allow information be connected to the icons. Both materials, opening prices and descriptions we assigned to assemblies so when the design was done so was the estimate. REMS then stores all the data when completed in an easy to use cloud based graphical database where your information can be accessed at anytime throughout the estimate and the actual project. REMS has helped change how effectively customers see our work and how efficiently this process can be completed.

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