REMS in Demo Mode

What if REMS included a Demo Version?

One of the biggest things that customers have requested was working assemblies already prebuilt in REMS. The wait is over! REMS now includes the following items when you log in for the first time:

  • Demo Vendor Account (with a list of generic materials so you can see REMS produce effective material reports) 
  • Demo Assemblies (Over 50 assemblies prebuilt with prices and materials so you can effectively run estimate and invoice reports) 
  • Demo Builder account including a Demo job 

This gives you a chance to effectively do layouts right out of the gate without having to do any setup. Once you feel comfortable the assemblies can be modified to match your materials and your prices. We want you to see how effective REMS can be for you without having to go through the initial process. Also, the tutorial videos are being re-recorded to show you options and set up the same way you are seeing it in demo mode. We hope that you enjoy our new enhancements and if you if you have further questions feel free to contact us!

Thank you for considering REMS!

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